People Analytics

We combine our expert data analysis skills with a brilliant understanding of the people that they apply to so that we can show you how to get the best out of your business.


We’re experts at people analytics – as our founder Rebeca believes: “What gets measured gets done”. We believe that in order to see where your strategies need to improve, and how, data must play a vital role. That’s why when we assess your company’s existing HR offering, we apply our unique 7-step Human Capital Analytics Framework to assess your strengths and weaknesses, getting straight to the heart of the issues and showing you how to solve them. We will implement a “culture of data” within your company. 

What really sets us apart, however, is that we don’t just get caught up in the numbers – we also ensure that there’s a strong emphasis on teaching you how to communicate these figures effectively to your business leaders. We believe that data is important, and can provide valuable insights into your company and its potential for growth. We think that it’s important to look beyond the spreadsheet and understand how the data can be translated into business language and therefore used to vitally influence your business’ strategies and targets. 

At Golden Human Capital, we’ve built a portfolio of people analytics services and products that will accelerate your business’ speed to value and help you to find sustainable outcomes. We can give you useful, accurate data covering capability and technology enablement, dedicated point solutions across the employee lifecycle, integrated strategic workforce planning and talent strategies.

How does it work?

Using our 7 step Human Capital Analytics Framework, we help you to define, collect and aggregate people and business data from various sources so that you can make fact-based decisions.

We’ll take you from worrying about the results of your Human Capital decisions…


Are we hiring the right people?


Is our employee engagement improving?


Do we have the right Human Capital strategy?


Are we retaining business critical roles?


Are we compensating our people effectively?

… to business-focused, all the while ensuring that your employees are kept happy and motivated:


We’re expecting to drive 5% year on year growth in earnings per share by optimising our critical talent


We’re forecasting a 10 – 15% increase in sales through improved engagement levels in our team


We’re improving our employee productivity and optimizing our total operating expenses

The next time that you meet with your business leaders, you’ll be able to move away from vague statements and instead hit them with hard data: “We spent £x on £x – but here’s the return on investment.” This key understanding of the data and how to communicate it effectively will revolutionise your HR strategies and allow you to unlock the power of HR within your business.

Have you got the data you need to transform your business?

If not, get in touch and find out how the Golden Human Capital team can help.


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