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We offer a bespoke consultancy service, tailored to support you with whatever your company needs

Whether you are looking for ongoing strategic guidance or expertise for a specific project, we are the strategic business partner that you’re looking for. We know that getting to grips with your human capital processes can be a tricky balance – how do you find solutions that support and nurture your employees but also, crucially, financially benefit your company’s business objectives? How do you translate people-focused ideas into tangible, data-driven concepts that your CEO will understand clearly?

At Golden Human Capital, we have invaluable experience in finding the balance that will work best for you and your team. As well as helping you to ensure that all of your more compliance-based needs are fulfilled, we look at your business from an analytical angle and implement smart strategies, systems and processes that will solve core problems in your business.

We work with you to gain a deeper understanding of your company’s culture, and then help you to develop that culture to become more agile, adaptable and a source of complete engagement for your employees.

We will empower you and your HR team to communicate effectively with business leaders, getting you a clear return on investment and ensuring that data is at the heart of all of your HR decisions.

We can help you with:


Implementing, improving and measuring your Human Capital strategy


Supporting your organisation’s development and business growth goals


Revolutionising your existing business & organization solution or strategy


Implementing new HR technologies or systems


Taking an analytical angle to solve core business problems


Destinging reward and incentives programmes


Talent and Management & Succession planning


Understanding & Improving employee retention


Building or redesigning employer branding and organisational culture


Increasing workplace happiness and productivity

As a strategic business partner for your company, we will help you to connect human capital topics with business strategy through disruptive & innovative solutions.

How we help you

So, you’ve chosen Golden Human Capital to support your business – what happens next? We use a simple methodology to approach your project: The Golden Human Capital Way.

The Golden Human Capital Way (“The GHC Way”) is the framework that we use to help you to build the kind of company that you want to be. It comprises three simple steps: 

  • Gather this is the diagnostic stage where we gather data and discover where the problem points are in your existing HR offering.

  • Harmonise – at this stage, we design the optimum solution for your business and start to implement lean and agile systems to transform your business for the better. We also find and fit the right technologies to help your Human Capital strategies to succeed. 

  • Capitalise – finally, we help you to ensure that the talent, skill & ability in your team is being capitalised effectively. We help you to quantify the results of your project and implement controls in order to implement a drive for continuous improvement, inspired by the kaizen way of thinking.

To find out more about how we can use our GHC Way framework to transform your business, get in touch here.  

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