About Us

Welcome to a whole new way of thinking about Human Resources 

Our Story 

Our founder, Rebeca Fernández, knows a lot about Human Capital. In fact, it’s a sector that she’s worked in for over 10 years, following the completion of her MBA. She’s an expert in areas including Recruitment, HRBP and HRIS and has worked extensively in change management and people analytics.

Rebeca has worked with clients from a variety of companies and cultures, for enterprises both big and small. She’s worked in fintech, consulting – even baking. Rebeca has worked on HR transformation projects worldwide. No matter how different the company’s size or purpose, however, she’s found that the human resourcing issues that she’s come up against time and again can all be put down to the same key problems. In fact, 70% of them fail to transform successfully due to:


A lack of clear, organised strategies, properly implemented and for the right reasons


A lack of agility in the business


A weak company culture

Hello Golden Human Capital! 

Rebeca believes passionately that your employees are the key to making your business excel and the key to getting the best out of those all-important employees is to radically shift how you use data analytics and strategies to value and invest in them. So, in 2018 Rebeca founded Golden Human Capital. 

Her mission is to disrupt & transform how businesses visualise and prioritise their teams, converting their thinking from people as “resource” to people as “capital” and pursuing a “culture of data” to help them get there. She wants to help companies to implement effective, lean Human Capital strategies that create access to high quality data, and in doing so unlock a whole new potential for their productivity and growth. 

What make us different

We know we’re not the only “HR consultancy” out there. We do know, however, that we do things differently. We love working with people and are driven to make sure that what we do makes a fundamental difference to the way people are led, managed and developed. We have world-class experience in guiding change and transformation projects and we combine expert knowledge of data analytics and strategy with different technologies and tools to help you succeed. 

Our “Golden Human Capital Way” model is inspired by the world class “Toyota” mindset and our key mission is to create lean, agile strategies that will revolutionise your HR offering.

Whether we’re helping you to implement a new process, guiding a change project or helping you to harness the power of data analytics, we’re always keeping two key pillars in mind. These pillars define the fundamental business values that we believe that we – and all of our clients – should apply to every aspect of day-to-day work, at every level of the company:


Respect your people

Your employees are your new gold. We believe that good human capital practice is not a box-ticking exercise. We start with what you want to achieve and tailor your strategies to help you get there. No more human capital for its own sake: it’s an investment in your employees, their future, and the future success of your business.


Continuous improvement (Kaizen)

We believe in the business philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices,or “kaizen”. This encompasses all aspects of the business, but can play a vital role in considering your HR strategy. If attracting and keeping the very best talent is the key to your company’s success, helping that talent to keep growing, improving and developing is key to your company’s ongoing success. We will help you to keep your skilled and able employees’ best interests aligned with your business’ financial vision and encourage you to be their biggest champion.  

Are you ready to start a revolution in your business?

We’d love to use our unique GHC Way framework to help you to get to where you’re going.


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